Afraid to Progress

Maxine, from the aforementioned Immigrant, is an… interesting character. She shows some measure of mastery of the psionic skills her hosts possess. She can utilize their method of teleportation between rooms, is capable of some telikinesis, and possesses the ability to read minds, but only in the right circumstances.

She admits that her life is boring, almost unbearable. That her muse has long since fled and it’s only by ignoring her hosts that life is tolerable.

And yet… and yet she knows there is more. Another step. Yet she’s absolutely terrified of it.

She denies it, she hides it, she tries to forget. But it doesn’t work- it hangs over her like the sword of Demacles.

She is afraid to progress. Afraid of the unknown. So afraid, that she’s content to stay in the same place, the same state, bereft of happiness, challenge, or pleasure.

Is she like us? Like me? Like you? So afraid of the unknown that she’s willing to forgo any possible pleasure?

She is as a little child, clinging to the familiar and denying the very existence of the other. And don’t we do the same? Cling to what we “know” to be true, obstinately asserting it can be no other way.

Even our best and brightest, especially our best and brightest, do this.

But we must press on. Take the plunge- though it is terrifying beyond all ken. It may be fun and who knows what you’ll find at the end?

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  1. I like your comparison of Maxine to a child. She is very much like a child because she is afraid of taking that next step on this new planet that she came to. Even though she doesn’t like her life on Kimon she is willing to accept the familar rather than step out.

    I think a lot of us are like this.

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