Legal Immigration

So, going into Immigrant, I was expecting something… more dystopic. An alien planet where we send the best of the best and from which none return. A supposedly all powerful race. Near identical letters being sent home from the planet’s immigrants for over a century. And this awe inspiring race is beautiful and physiologically similar to us.

There are two words for this: Space Elves. AKA Eldar.


The Eldar manipulate other "lesser" races to do their dirty work. They place so little value on the Mon-keigh (there word for non-Eldar) that they would sacrifice billions of us to preserve a single Eldar life. Also, there's a very touching, rather brilliant fanfic about one of them called "Love Can Bloom." Strange but true.

So you can imagine my surprise when, instead of finding out that they’re using us for some dark purpose, they were in fact attempting to improve us mentally and spiritually.

This brings up an interesting question: have we yet reached the pinnacle of our evolution?

The answer: probably not.

Although I would not go so far as to call us children, we still have a ways to go in our devlopment. We still fight over the most trivial things, care only for our carnal desires, and frequently give into base desires.

So, yah. We still have room to grow. Although that probably won’t includ psyonic powers. For better or for worse.


For better!


And for worse...

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  1. “And this awe inspiring race is beautiful and physiologically similar to us.”

    they are only physiologically similar to us because they have seen into our minds and saw that, taht is how we live on earth, so they mimic-ed it by either an illusion, or shapechanging…

    and yea, i dont remember right now if that is my own reason, or if that was paraphrased from the story…

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