New Kid On the Block

Computers are relatively new. And many people fear them.

Robot Uprising

Wrong fear.

By this I mean that people are afraid that computers will irrevocably damage mankind. The fearsome machines will atrophy our minds, bodies, and cause us to abandon the olde ways.

Tim the Enchanter

With pyrotechnics like these, why would you wanna abandon those good ole' ways?

Of course, these claims are not without merit. Studies have shown that computers are distraction machines, causing human spawn to abandon the task at hand in favor of more entertaining pursuits (Note: This is also applies to adults).

But let us not forget that these claims have been levied at every other form of media!

Socrates claimed that writing would destroy our memories by allowing us to record information. This was proven true as even Aristotle is seen to misquote Odysseus and other Greek sources. But, on the other hand, even the finest of oral traditions can falter and some of the most brilliant writers were horrid orators.

People assuredly feared the printing press. To the medieval mindset, words were sacred and allowing for so many to be duplicated in such a manner was almost sacrilege. The clergy were certain that the common man could not handle religious texts without their enlightened guidance. Reading was considered scholars work or in the domain of nobility- the common man was simply incapable of handling it.


We know better, right? After all, what's the worst that could happen?

But thanks to Gutenberg’s little press, literacy gripped Europe and, in its throes, the Renaissance was born.

Heck, even the cro-magnon mocked poor little Debak when he brought home the flaming branch. But look at him now! His efforts are the pillar upon which the entirety of human advancement stands!


So, my point is, that though people believe that the computer is the end of all that is good and light, and though some of those claims may be true, in the end, the good far outweighs the positive.

But we’ll all be dead before then.

Kidby's Discworld's Death

Aww, look! Kitty! And an anthropomorphic personification of the cessation of life...

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