Something Old, Something New

Fear, despair, anger- these emotions describe a first time computer user’s state of being.

And that’s just the machine.

The internet is a vast, confusing jumble of facts, opinion, and emotion. It seethes and bubbles, kept from spilling out only by its technological confines. The information age is altogether different from anything we’ve ever experienced.

Or is it?

It’s a unique experience, a unique technology, but it relies heavily on preexisting infrastructure. Things are expected of it and projected onto it. Though we venture forth into a new frontier, we bring something of the old with us.

Immeasurable information awaits those who desire it, and yet we must still follow old conventions to dissimilate it. Archaic source siting, long rambling papers, and annying format all mark something that would never fly online.

And yet we do so anyways simply because we have yet to finish the transition into the Age of Computers, i.e. the Information Age.

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  1. ?o images this time? Oh my!

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