Scribble Away

Say hello to the newest game from 5th Cell: Scribblenauts. It’s a puzzle game that allows you to solve puzzles using anything imaginable.

Well, almost anything- sexual, rude, and copyrighted words, as well as most proper nouns, are not included.

And, in this respect, it fulfills expectations. Why, just today, for my enjoyment, Cthulu battled God, who was wielding a shotgun. A plethora of esoteric or strange words are included. Cthulu, Manticore, Ceberus, blobfish, railguns,  and flaming swords- you can find them here. What you do with them is up to you.

Even memes get in on the act- Longcat, Tacgnol, the Roflcopter, even Rick Astley is present, ready and willing to interfere with your carefully laid plans.

Puzzle mode is fun, though some can be frustrating to solve due to plans laid by common sense failing, and, if you find certain levels to be dull and/or annoying, the game has a system that allows you to bypass them for more interesting/easier levels.

In action mode, the game suffers even more. Unlike puzzle mode, I often find myself reaching for the same, or similar, items. Much like Spore and other sandbox games, action really isn’t Scribblenauts forte.

No, where it truly shines is when no goals are present. See, the title screen doubles as a playground in which you can summon whatever you wish, bereft of goals or penalties, though a budget limits how many things you can write in.

Much of the appeal in this game comes from your own imagination. The game itself, though good, can get tiring fast. It’s your own thoughts and machinations that truly breathe life into this title.

All in all, Scribblenauts is a fine game. If you like puzzles, or just wish to have a zombie uprising put down by a T-rex riding God holding a shotgun, this is a great game for you.

Close, but no cigar.

Close, but no cigar.

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