Let the Rage Flow Through You

As the new old saying goes, if you don’t like it, go on the internet and complain.

And people are. In near infinite droves.

Wake up to the smell of RAGE!

Wake up to the smell of RAGE!




Even household tools have feelings. Mostly anger.

Even household tools have feelings. Mostly anger.

Aside from being therapeutic, and turning sections of the internet into flame seared wastelands into which the sane dare not tread, this RAEG is actually accomplishing something.

See, back in the ye olde days, many organizations would create and distribute… subpar items for consumers. Since word of mouth was slow, they could make a bundle before anyone caught on.

But then came the lifegiver internet. Now, subpar products only have a short time before being ratted out- usually by those filled with RAEG.

The biggest example are movies. Once, unscrupulous producers could create horrid movies, over hype them with cool effects or name brand stars, and watch the cash role in on box office weekend, shortly before disappearing into the night.

True, turnout would be low on following weeks, but opening weekend is when it REALLY counts and word of mouth was too slow to prevent people from throwing money away.

But, alas!, this could not last forever. The internet would arise, social networks would be created, and word of mouth became as fast as you could type. And some people type pretty dang fast. As a result, disaster flicks only bring in a fraction of what they once would.

Think ye this applies merely to video? Nay!

Video games, appliances, other computers, lawyers- all and more are appraised on the internet, saving countless others from that sinking feeling you get when you’ve payed sixty bucks for a glorified tissue.

O’ course, it works in the opposite direction.

See, if something was good in the past, but not well publicized, it would die then and there. The company, if it was small enough, would go down as well, no longer able to produce things that create such joy.

But, once more, in steps the internet. Now, the good news can be spread across the boards, turning a once obscure title into a smash hit! This phenomenon is even retroactive- games like Mother are rediscovered and redistributed by the parent company.

So, next time the BLACK RAGE comes upon you, let loose your feelings online. You may just save a complete stranger a few insignificant bucks. Or make yourself appear a complete fool. Who knows?

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  1. How ’bout a nice big cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP? Think before you say anything, dumbshit OP.

    • Sorry this came so late, but I’d just like to point out that this article is satire, or mebbe parody. I’m not endorsing this behavior, but pointing out that it exists and can most certainly be carthotic. It does, however, tend to blow up in the posters face.

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