Just Surfing Down Memory Lane

Respect your elders. We hear it all the time, usually yelled by those who feel us young whippersnappers are getting more rambunctious every day, why in my day we didn’t even THINK of speakin’ back, no sir no way, and a nickel could buy you groceries for a month. The air was cleaner, the grass was greener, people were nicer, and morals were strong.

Sometimes we fail to properly venerate the aged. But you know who doesn’t? That’s right- our old friend, the internet.

Being new media, our good friend the Internet always takes good care of his aged parents. Whether they be video

imageDelaying My Dinner

or even the occasional soundbite, the internet acts as the best caretaker you could ask for, preserving elder media for eternity… and sometimes perverting the greatest amongst them for our amusement:Mona Weegee

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and search mightily, relive your childhood, and thank the mighty monolith of the internet for preserving your memories… and occasionally destroying them.

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  1. I really like this one… it makes me happy! i feel so nostalgic!

  2. Your blogs are always absolutely wonderful. They are so unique! I love how you always relate insightful information and opinions to humor. I feel humor is a great way to draw in your audience and that’s a great thing because you have a lot of intelligent things to say. You definitely are blessed with wit! Great blog!

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