To Speak With Cats

Much like Puss in Boots, Lolcats are capable conversing in the tongues of men… sorta. Provided it’s a single tongue comprised of poor spelling, a total ignorance of the rules of grammar, and impact fonts. If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you will have encountered this.

But you may be wondering what it is and where it came from, though this being the internet more likely than not you aren’t.

The language which Lolcats speak is called Lolspeak or Kitty Pidgen. Where arose from, there are two main theories. The first theory is that the  tongue with which cats speak is derived from internet users who only desire a speedy delivery and let grammar hang. The second theory is that whenever talking to cats, we talk to them in a babyish vernacular. Because this is all they hear, this is all they know to speak.

Which theory is correct? Probably both. And it IS cute.

But if you type in such a manner, I kindly ask you stop. Or the grammer Nazis will getcha. And you won’t like that.

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  1. Did you know that the bible has been translated into LOLcat?

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