Caturday Night Fever


That’s right, and to commerate this weekly occasion I plan to talk of Lolcats.


We have long since marveled at cats. Their feline grace, air of mystery, and their quirky ways. Also, they’re pretty danged funny.

So it is to no surprise that modern society has exploited them every way possible. Comical villains such as Sylvester and Pete ( Mickey’s nemesis is in fact a cat. Though his design is later changed, in the oldest cartoons he had a tale and a more catlike qualities.  Wazzat? Do I have a girlfriend? Do I know what a girl even is? No, and maybe. Why do you ask?). Cameos in Monty Python films. Characters in video games, such as Big the Cat. Protagonists in many, many books and antagonists in even more beyond that.

Yup, exploitation.

Exploitation: I Does It

After being featured in ever previous form of media, of course they’d hit the internet.

And so they did. In fact, they hit the scene pretty early, arising sometime prior to 2003 on, of course, 4chan. If you don’t know what 4chan is… well, Google it. That’s a subject for another time.

Anyhoo, there arose a great cry every Saturday, around that time, to post funny cat pictures on Caturday. The word itself is obviously a foul and eldritch combination of Cat and Saturday. Threads would begin and soon fill with funny picture after funny picture.

A year or so later the term Lolcat was invented, lol meaning laugh out loud. It would not reach widespread usage until 2005, but it was there. These early Lolcats were mostly memes, macro images that follow a similar format. An example is “im in ur base killin ur dudes.” This could then be changed to “im in ur computer blockin ur internetz” or something similar.

See? So easy a caveman can do it!

See? So easy a caveman can do it!

Lolcats were, to say the least, a smash hit. So much so that newspapers reported them. Their popularity so far reaching that a song was written to commemorate their rise to power. No, really.

Eventually, this would all culminate into, a site created in 2007 dedicated to Lolcats and other pictures of funny animals. Their mascot is Happy Cat, a pre-existing cat picture of a smiling British British Shorthair Tom.

Happy Cat with, in true Lolcat form, superimposed impact font text.

Happy Cat with, in true Lolcat form, superimposed impact font text.

And that’s it! We’re done here! True, there are many, many other aspects to Lolcats, but those will looked at in greater detail in later posts. For now, we’re just scratching the surface. But, in the interim, if you wish to learn more, Google is your friend.

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