Longcat: He Who Came First

Today er, tonight we shall discuss the undisputed lords and masters of the internet (although, this BEING the internet, some would argue otherwise): Lolcats.

Do Want

Well, actually, we’re talking about the cats that came before our dark lords.

Do Not Want

Unthinkable though it may be, once there were no Lolcats. But one day it came, shining like the sun: Longcat.Longcat

As you can see, Longcat is, well, long. Hence the name. He’s not a TRUE Lolcat, note the lack of caption in impact font, but he is the sire of cats to come.

This first picture would spark a phenomenon; soon new pictures of Longcat were popping up all about the net. It’s true- cats go with the internet like chocolate and peanut butter, demons and brimstone, even Garfield and no humor.

But it could not last forever- soon, as they always do, a challenger would appear: Tacgnol.Tacgnol

Tacgnol is the inverse of Longcat in ever way. Longcat is white, Tacgnol is black. Longcat stands for good and justice, Tacgnol stands for evil and travesty. Longcat is long, Tacgnol is gnol.

Soon an epic battle would be raged.

But, before that, other, third parties would appear showing their disdain for the powers of the two, such as Widedog, a dog who is exceedingly wide.Widedog

Suffice to say, these never caught on.

And then the epic battle raged as only it could on the internet: through awesomely photoshopped images.

But, unfortunately I’m strapped for time and I can’t show you any pictures…

Wazzat? You WISH for me to waste my time and show you the pics? Well, the customer is always right (despite the fact that this thing has yet to, and is unlikely to, ever yield me so much as a dime)!Longcat vs. Tacgnol

Ya, ya, ya. It’s a small picture. If you’re so upset, look for one yourselves. Go on. I dare ya.

And that wraps it up for Longcat, if you want more Google is your friend.

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  1. Widedog is new to me. What’s the doggie equivalent to lolcats?

    • They’re referred to as “Loldogs.” There’s a theme here… see if you can spot it!

      Also, they have their own site which is, I believe, ihasahotdog.com

  2. Probably the funniest blog I have ever seen. I love how you were able to bring so much humor to your blog, yet it still is supportive in the idea that the internet can be used in so many varieties of ways. LOVE IT. 🙂

  3. Thanks–“ihasahotdog” is the clue I needed. I’ll definitely visit.

    By the way, your reply appeared, but not my original comment. I think it may be caught in the moderation queue.

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