Garfield Minus Garfield

Got what this post is about yet? If not, I got a clue for you: look up. There, got it now?

As you can see, unless you are blind in which case I politely ask how you are viewing this at all, this is the popular, if not particularly funny, comic Garfield without the titular character, Garfield.

Instead, through the magic of photoshop, the lonely adventures of the social pariah John Arbuckle are revealed. It shows us the emptiness of life, challenges us to revel in what little we have, and, as an added bonus, is vastly funnier than the original comic is.

This is a fine example of internet humor- new media interacting and changing pre-existing media to either A. customize it to the users tastes or B. make it the users own art. Indeed, without Photoshop, such a feat would hardly be possible.

This is all I’m willing to show you- if you want more, Google is your friend.

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